Electricity supply

Puget Sound Energy is the largest energy utility in the state, providing electric power to more than 1 million customers. Approximately 46 percent of the electricity PSE customers use comes from our own power plants. We currently have more than 3,500 megawatts of power-generating capacity. We purchase the rest of our power supply from a variety of other utilities, independent power producers and energy marketers across the western United States and Canada.

Our diversified mix

The electricity we provide our customers uses a number of different resources. In 2014, hydroelectric power accounted for more than a third of our power portfolio. We also generate electricity with our own thermal power plants. We share ownership of a large coal-fired generating facility in eastern Montana, and we own several natural-gas-fired power plants in the Puget Sound region.

Wind power is a very important and increasingly prominent resource for PSE. We own and operate three large wind farms in central and eastern Washington. Those wind farms together produce enough electricity, on average, to power 165,000 homes. According to the American Wind Energy Association, PSE is the fourth-largest utility producer of wind power in the United States.

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2022 Electricity Fuel Mix

Diverse resources powering your home and business

The electricity generated for you uses a diverse mix of resources. The PSE fuel mix for electricity delivered to customers in 2022 is detailed in the chart and graph below

Fuel Percentage
Coal 23%
Hydroelectric 27%
Natural Gas 23%
Nuclear <1%
Other* <1%
Solar <1%
Unspecified 10%
Wind 16%
Total 100%

* Biomass, non-biogenic and petroleum.

Source: Published by the Washington Department of Commerce, Dec. 2023, with data reported by PSE in August 2023.